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Women's Summer Shorts

Women's shorts are inevitable protagonists of the summer because they are light and versatile: elegant or sporty depending on the accessories with which they are combined and the occasion in which they are worn. Mason's for spring summer 2022 proposes women's Bermuda in various fits and lengths and the watchwords are elegance and practicality. Mason's presents its chino Bermuda both in solid colors and also in camouflage and floral patterns embellished with studs and precious details and declines them in soft fabrics such as cotton, linen and parachute canvas. Mason's best seller chino bermuda is the Jacqueline Curvy, which offers a curvy fit and a medium length. The New York Bermuda has a regular fit and is a little longer, so as to satisfy a consumer who wants a more discreet product. The Emily is a chino bermuda with pleats and a relaxed fit, also suitable for more elegant and sophisticated outfits, especially in the gold linen version. Amongst Cargo bermuda shorts, we find the Birkin style, a cargo bermuda with a flared line, side pockets and woven ribbon at the waist. This style is gritty and feminine and is suitable for leisure time and also very practical. Mason's proposes also the LA Jogger style, which is a jogger bermuda in jersey with a malted treatment that can be combined with t-shirts in the same color and treatment for a sporty and comfortable outfit.