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Perfumes Mason's

Beauty: body fragrances and body solutions

Craft production of luxury products of highest quality. Mason’s Beauty, a sensual voyage that nurtures the body and the spirit, a collection of three smell emotions available in a body line, for him and for her. The base fragrance, Black Camou, symbolizes the voyager on his search for vibrations. Exaltation of fresh male notes and warm female notes. Green Camou, for him, is the essence that materializes phenomena lying deep into one's memory, a devoted companion along the way. An oriental fragrance that guides our olfactory sense by disentangling it into incense and patchouli, Nepali woods and amber. White Camou, for her, is a crispy breath, the start of a new adventure. Female energy expressing itself in all aspects embracing the notes of iris and rose, of lime and cedar wood. The body line is a natural infusion for the skin, as an undeletable stamp, and the evocation of the base fragrance, Black Camou, is the metaphor for the personal journey of every individual.