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Women's Jogger Summer Pants

Mason's woman jogger pants from the spring summer collection are the latest trend in terms of contamination: not simple gym pants nor a classic chino but a middle ground that satisfies more needs. These sophisticated sporty trousers are presented in eco-friendly and breathable fibers, such as tencel, poplin, cotton and nylon,  jersey stretch and are enriched both with special treatments, such as the “maltinto” washing, and also with feminine details. The Malibu Jogger with cuff and drawstring can be combined with the Kombat Jacket in the same color for an oriental and very comfortable outfit. The L. A. Jogger style  in stretch fleece with the trumpet bottom and the matching sweatshirt and finally the Fatigue Jogger in nylon, matching with the embroidered military nylon jacket. Mason's women's Jogger trousers have an elegant line but with well-marked sporty touches: drawstring at the waist instead of buttons, the cuff on the bottom and precious details. This jogger style can be paired with a blazer and a silk shirt for a formal occasion or with a military field jacket for leisure.