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Linen Man Mason's

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Linen: fresh fabric for pants and bermudas

Linen is the excellent fabric for the summertime: it is fresh, natural and comfortable but at the same time it offers good consistency, which makes it very suitable to wear every day. Linen is a historical fabric for Mason's that together with cotton represents the brand's DNA but obviously it stays extremely up-to-date in terms of the prints and fits of the clothes but also in terms of the mixed fabrics in whose compositions it is included. Mason’s is using it to make its pants and bermudas for perfect performance of style and quality, in addition to most extreme fits, especially low crotch fit of men's pants, addressing the exigent customers who are always paying attention to keep abreast with the latest fashionable trends. Linen is light and comfortable cloth, and all those features are much appreciated by people who live who live their lives in a haste.