Women Cargo Pants Mason's - Mason's Forte dei Marmi | EN

Women's Cargo Summer Pants

Mason's is synonymous with cargo pants, in fact the brand was born as a contemporary reinterpretation of a historical military archive and in the Mason's woman collection it gives its best, creating iconic, sophisticated and refined women's cargo from every point of view. The feminine cargo pants are presented in the trendiest fits and patterns, because giving personality and elegance is their job. Mason’s proposes the Birkin style in parachute canvas with a curvy pin-up fit, soft on the waist and slim on the leg. The Judy is a relaxed fit cargo that can be worn either with a high waist or with a lower crotch and the Fatigue jogger, a hybrid style between cargo and jogger, that is ideal for free time. All cargo for women are presented in precious, breathable and eco-friendly fabrics: tencel, parachute canvas,poplin, cotton and jersey. The patterns and details of the Mason's women's cargo pants make the difference even further: in the summer collection you will find a riot of floral and camouflage embellished with studs and foils. Mason's woman cargo is designed for a consumer with a busy life  full of social events and job commitments, a woman therefore looking for a personalized and versatile product that can be sporty or elegant with a quick change of accessories. The cargo pants for women can be combined with all the shirts and outerwear of the collection for urban or glamorous and elegant outfits. A Mason's cargo is a must have in any women's wardrobe.