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Singles' Day Deals 2021

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Discover Singles' Day deals 2021! This year Mason's has reserved for its customers promotions and offers for the single celebration. 11.11. Take advantage of the sales on men's and women's clothing from the New FW 21 Collection. Celebrate anti-Valentine's Day with us and anticipate Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday online shopping at advantageous prices sooner!

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What is Singles' Day?

Singles Day is one of the most important online shopping events of the year and leads Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday by two weeks. Within 24 hours, thousands of brands battle it out on the main online shopping platforms with sales, offers and promotions.

Why is Singles' Day celebrated?

Singles Day was born in China in the 90s, from an initiative of Chinese students to celebrate being single. Largely due to the one-child policy, there were far more men than women at the time, which made dating relatively difficult. The eleventh of November 11.11. students then selected as those who reflect being alone. 

As a reaction to Valentine's Day, the single life is celebrated on this day: drinking at bars, karaoke and dancing. Only years after Singles' Day was it discovered by online shopping giant, using it for commercial purposes, making box office records for this period.


Source: What is the Singles' Day?Alibaba's Singles' Day sales hit record $38 billion