Women Relaxed Fit Mason's

    Pantaloni Relaxed Fit donna

    Relaxed Fit Woman Pants Mason's

    The Relaxed fit includes all that range of trousers with a comfort fit that suits any body type. All these pants show a low crotch for a better comfort on the waist and most of them feature a slimmer leg. The trousers can be worn with a pair of sneakers or with a high heel. The relaxed fit has been the trendy fit for several seasons now and it is a must have in the women's wardrobe. The Relaxed fit is presented on the following styles:

    • Linda Summer
    • Linda Cargo
    • Easy Pants
    • Judy
    • Milano Marker
    • Forte dei Marmi
    • Chile
    • Chile Elax
    • Chile Jogger
    • Eisenhower


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