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Animalier Man Mason's

All over or details is the must-have for this season

The animalier print is a must have for the summer season in men's apparel too, as it immediately gives the touch of grit and personality that Mason's consumers are used to. The animalier pattern is present in both the details and in the all over print on the polo shirts, the chino pants, bermudas and field jackets and as usual it depends on the client's taste. One can dare to try a total animalier look with the overdyed colors that are so typical of Mason's to get a truly gritty look, or combine it with a more classical single color clothing for a more balanced outfit. The Mason's animalier men's field jacket can also become a temptation for your wives and girlfriends who would steal it from your closet so that they could wear a trendy piece of clothing in oversize fit.