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No discussion of the history of 20th-century menswear would be complete without a mention of that classic piece of workwear turned casualwear, the denim 5 pocketsA pair of jeans is truly the most transversal garment that exists: it has crossed cultures, social classes, fashion, markets and catwalks and from the president of the USA to the man in the streets, you will not find a man who has never had a pair. 


In fact, a man wardrobe cannot be complete without  a 5-pocket denim, which is the perfect garment for any occasion thanks to a simple change of accessories. Furthermore denim is suitable for any season: warm, cold, office, weekend, with a pair of jeans you will never go wrong. After a year in which smart working has accustomed us to a home gym suit style, the desire to wear a tailored pair of jeans that fit perfectly is unstoppable.

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Mason's propone il modello Harris, un denim sartoriale slim fit, con una percentuale di memory elastan, una fibra stretch che garantisce che la vestibilità del capo rimanga inalterata anche dopo molti lavaggi. Il 5 tasche da uomo di Mason’ s si colloca in un segmento tailored ed è pensato per un consumatore esigente, attento a qualità e contenuto moda.

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Mason's Harris Jeans for Men

The man summer jeans is presented in three shades of blue from darker to lighter and is enriched with accessories and precious details such as the silk handkerchief in the same pattern as the salpa and the fancy on the inside of the leg, the enameled button and the M rivet of the Mason's logo.

Mason's Harris jeans is a comfortable and very versatile garment and you won’t go without it in your everyday life: we suggest to match the darker wash with the animalier fancy polo and a field jacket to have a contemporary outfit. On the other hand you can wear the Harry style in the lighter wash with a camouflage blazer for a trendy and summer look. The Mason's 5 pocket is an excellent garment for fit and fabric and can be combined with all the garments in the collection to create elegant and trendy outfits.